Medical Workflow Management in West Palm Beach

Integrated and seamless interactions between your healthcare information systems

Whether you receive your medical patients in a private practice with or without partners and with minimal support staff, whether your medical set up is a group practice with several physicians that use the same personnel, whether you are part of a large HMO or are hospital-based your medical workflow management should not be something you stress about.

How can you improve the workflow of your medical practice?

With the primary aim of improving the overall satisfaction of your patients, staff, and providers, and keeping in mind the immediate effect of these factors on revenue, you should start by assessing the issues that may be cropping up in the workflow of your medical office.

Shadow a patient

Have you shadowed a patient as they move through a typical office visit? By doing this you can truly assess how a patient feels in every step of their visit. Take note not only of the time that each step takes but also of the different interactions and the patient’s reaction and comfort level with each one.

Medical Workflow Management from Healthcare IT Specialists helps with:

Patient admissions and discharges

Health information management

Integration of PACS, RIS, and EMR systems

Medication management

Appointment scheduling

Medical billing management

Insurance verifications

Patient surveys

Assess every step of the patient’s visit

How is the appointment scheduled? Is it easy and convenient for the patient to do so? How are the health records maintained and reviewed? At what points and for how long does the staff engage with each patient? Identify all areas that are responsible for gridlocks or delays. You can also gather information from your staff and providers and maybe even do a short survey among your patients.

Why should you consider medical workflow management?

As a physician or an office administrator, there are many tasks that take up your time, and many others you wish you had more time to concentrate on. Relying on a reliable medical workflow management specialist can take a big load off your shoulders while making your medical practice more accurate, efficient and profitable.

A simple decision on your part to redesign the workflow can result in greater efficiencies, it can enhance the quality of the healthcare you offer, improve the coordination of care and remove any chaos present in your current workflow.

What can Healthcare IT Specialists help you achieve?

Working with our specialists, we can design a plan that is perfectly tailored to fit your medical workflow management needs. Our aim is to ensure your patients receive the best medical experience in your office and also that you and your staff can take care of business in the most efficient, effective way.

Is your staff faced with monotonous organizational duties on a daily basis?

We can help you automate a wide variety of processes such as appointment scheduling, patient admissions and discharges, insurance verification and medication management.

AT Healthcare IT Specialists we are equipped to address several key areas of your medical practice. Let us become familiar with your particular needs, understand the way your medical practice works, and identify which areas need to be reinforced or redesigned with our technological input and support. Contact us today and let us design and manage your technology needs right away.

Tailored Healthcare IT Solutions for Your Practice

From managing payments to ensuring smooth patient care, medical workflows are important yet complicated to control. Healthcare IT Specialists provides workflow management solutions for medical practitioners and outpatient services managers. Our goal is to help you automate or enhance your existing workflow, lessen tedious administrative duties, and improve the overall patient care experience.

Healthcare IT Specialists helps you operate in the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective way possible. Let us design and support your technology today.

Other Practice Areas

Managed Services

24x7x365 IT monitoring and maintenance for a flat-rate fee

Network Security

Comprehensive protection against the most advanced cyberthreats

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