Healthcare IT Specialists


At Healthcare IT Specialists, we specialize in handling all technical aspects when it comes to managing patient health information. We are equipped to build and put in place an electronic health records system as well as any other systems that can support and take care of any patient-related data. We are aware of data needs, storage, and usage, and we offer solutions for healthcare businesses.

The work that Healthcare IT Specialists offers can affect the quality of care you offer your patients in a very positive way. Our specialists will collaborate with your healthcare team to drive improved outcomes, lower operating costs, and bring new developments to all areas of patient care.

What type of medical practices does Healthcare IT Specialists support?

Healthcare IT Specialists provide technological support to both clinicians and staff, regardless of the particular healthcare setting. From a small private practice to a full-sized clinic or hospital, rehabilitation services, acute care clinics or long-term care facilities, we provide the IT solutions that will allow you to focus your energy and expertise on providing your patients the optimal medical care. We also provide IT solutions that allow you to deal more efficiently with insurance companies, vendors, and other government agencies, should you need to do so.

Other Practice Areas

You already have an IT department. Why would you need a specialized healthcare IT solution?

Traditionally, IT staffs tend to focus on hardware and lack the necessary expertise to handle clinical documentation, medical terminology, and caregiving workflow or the keeping of electronic health records (EHR).

At Healthcare IT Specialists we firmly believe that providing the right patient information to the appropriate caregiver is absolutely critical. We will:

Build, implement and manage EHR and any other systems that you may need in order to capture, store and manage your patients’ information

Be laser-focused on preserving the privacy and security of your patient data, both when it is stored and when it is transmitted

Ensure that all electronic health information is maintained and exchanged efficiently and accurately

Conduct improvements in patient care

Reduce your healthcare costs

Our job will impact your entire medical organization. We will consider all interactions between clinicians and staff and focus on the needs of all end-users when installing, maintaining and updating the software.